Servo Stabilizers

Vigil Servo Voltage Stabilizer
Vigil Servo Voltage Stabilizers is the equipment that provides a constant output voltage to load without fluctuation. Generally, it has been observed that there is never a constant supply of voltage (230V in Single Phase or 415V in 3 Phase) in the AC Main Supply. Usually, it varies from 140V-280V and 280V to 480 Volt. Hence, severe conditions can emerge link Over Load Conditions, Heavy Line Losses, Problems of Machinery Damage, and many more.

Salient Features Of Servo Stabilizer

Wide Input Voltage range.
Suitable for High starting current.
No Noise.
Faster Rate of correction.
High Efficiency.
Over load & Short circuit protection.
No Wave form disortion.
Over Volt / Under Volt protection.
Applications Of Servo Stabilizer
Pharmaceutical Units.
Textile Mills.
Cold Storage.
Engineering Units.
Food Processing Units.
Research Instruments.
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