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Vigil Home UPS
Vigil Sine Wave Inverter system is a DSP technology-based automatic power backup system. It switches on instantly when there is a power failure and gives you non-stop power without interruption so that you don’t even realize that there has been a power cut. When the power is restored, it switches over automatically to the mains and recharges the battery simultaneously, which keeps it ready for the next unexpected event.

Vigil-ups are suited for households with multiple devices consuming constant power but also maintain their optimum performance level by avoiding disruptions during power cuts.

Salient Features Of Home UPS
DSP Based design with stable sinewave output.
MOSSFET / IGBT Based PWM technology with greater efficiency.
Wide input voltage range 120V to 300V.
Selector Switch for Inverter / UPS.
Selector Switch for Automotive / Tubular Batteries.
Over temperature Protection.
Protection for Battery deep discharge and over Voltage.
4 Stage battery charge with Revertor.
Solar Enables (Optional).
Applications Of Home UPS
Elevators (Lift).
Small Water pumps and all Motor based applications.
Computer and its Peripherals.
Medical Equipments.
Browsing Centers.
Air Conditioning.
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